What is left ? 2018


Category: Nature art installation. Material: Pine-wood, pine-twigs, pine-cones, road signs, road brush, vessel and paint. Place: Norsesunds Konst och Kulturvandring 2018, Sweden. Concept:This installation was made on a forestry road were I used visual narratives pointing in opposite directions. Like the wooden constructions would indicates corners from house building yet at the same time this structures is now being placed on a road were you normally do not build houses. A house will give you a suggestion of settling down, jet here you will find road signs telling you to use a speed level etc. I like to give a surrealistic expression to most of my art works, were I often mix natural materials and ready-made/recycled objects.      Title: What may become and what is left? Thanks to: Illona Finland for assisting me.

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