The messanger 2007

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Place: Argentina, Atacama desert. Material: Stone crayons and paper. Category: Nature art installation and ritual activism. Concept: In this project the artist acts as a messenger delivering messages between “two different worlds” one representing the remote areas and the other is the civilization or inhabited environments where communications are held around art. During a travel to remote areas this artist receives information from different places and carries them to a destination where art is made. All notes describe conflicts in the environment and the urge for peaceful solutions in our world, such as this message delivered from aboriginal Indians in Argentina: “The Indian Community of Quilmes is exercising their rights to be part in developments in culture and archeological heritage, a territory that has belonged to Indians for generations! Due to this background we have now formed a permanent assembly for our land, with the goal to demand the government in Tucuman Province to:

Activate law no. 2731/1 (FE) and furthermore make senor Hector Cruz in the Institution of Tourism in Tucuman to leave his post after illegal actions in making profit of our heritage.
To give us back territory and the sacred city of Quilmes.
We apologize for the disturbances this way course and we would like to ask you for our support and rights to be respected. CACIQUE CONSEJO DE DELEGADOS in Quilmes“

News from remote areas
The messenger is an ongoing project and has now reached the stage where the artist brings back “news” from remote areas to the civilization. Size: 40×20 meter.