Universal cradle 2021

Category: Performed Nature Art Photography. Site: Edshult, Sweden. Model: Ras Kerry. Performed Nature Art Photography is about capturing the process an individual have, interacting with the site, the nature and how it can be captured and inspire the photographer and eventually the outcome of a collaboration between nature, staged site, artists and media. Below you see examples of the process being captured within artist Ras Kerry as identifying his origin – a tree.

Concept: This oak tree may be seen as a cradle, a living entity or even a universe in it’s own rights. Imagine we come from the womb of a tree and that this could be the place we call “The Tree of Life”. As we are born in to life here on earth, we become a dream and as we wake up from dreaming Nature will speak to us in mysterious ways. This event took place as a collaboration between artist Ras Kerry who originates from Zambia, were his born given name is Chiti, meaning tree in his native language. My own last name origins from the oak tree (Ekedahl), meaning valey of oaks. Like the series of staged photos suggests, humans inspire each other and apples may match an oak tree perfectly well!  In a modern world we gain knowledge from other cultures, as the universe keep on cradle us like newborns.