2023 Target

Indoor installation made together with volunteering Bruna Gasi The project will be continued during autumn 2023

2023 Roots No.3

The style is Performed Nature Art photography and this photo was shot at my farm and is about our roots inspired by indigenous heritage all over the world. Model is David Hernandez from Costa Rica.

2022 Old style Land art

Landscaping large meadows, using a tractor and a cutting machine. A test for coming projects in year 2013. You are welcome to join in. Interested?

2022 Roots No.1 and 2

Roots No. 1 and 2 was made to thread light on our lack of long-term decisions that take several generations into account. Roots from a tree symbolize generation before and historical perspectives. Model postures and costumes is a play with the root systems and what…

2022 Lecture – how it may work !

LECTURE AT KRISTALLEN BRUZAHOLM – SWEDEN About being a Land Art artist and what it means to work with Art not being fully established in Art societies. About working with project without much financial support, currage, perseverance, curiosity and creativity.

Moving from city to countryside 2019

To let you know – I have moved away from the city and have settled down on the countryside in Sweden, with a property and huge spaces to create Environmental Art in. If you are a land artist looking for nature to experiment with for…

Waste Art in Gambia 2018

                International Waste Art workshop 15th- 19th of December 2018. Held together with Visual Artist Modo Camera(Ceracunda, Gambia) and Mor Morfey (Dakar, Senegal), studennts and Art Teachers from Garba Jahumpa Senior Secondary School, Latrikunda Upper Basic, St Therese’s Upper…