Meetingpoint 2017

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Category: Nature art installation with sound composition. Material: Found natural materials in a beech forest and white chalk + black colour pigment.  Place: Size of circles; – 5 to 8 m. Size of the soundscape 70 x 70 m. Location; Kalv in Sweden Title: Meeting point.

This photos shows only a visual result of the completed audiovisual outdoor installation at Kalv festival ( – platform for new contemporary art and music held  11-13th of August. The project was financed by 3 different art projects in Västra Götalands regionen; X -sites (KC-Väst), Kalvfestivalen and 7Härads Sound Art project. Special thanks to Lauri Perälä for assistance with the nature art installation. Link to audio visual documentary will be updated soon.

Sound composer: Mikael Bojén