Myth and architecture 2006


Place: Greece, Crete. Material: Stone. Category: Nature art installation. Concept: The project “Myth and Architecture” was created during the 12th Levka Ori Creative encounter in Crete, an interdisciplinary international artists meeting -07. It is an individual piece but is meant to correspond with other artist’s work/art at the location.
In the western literature the Greek myth about the Minotaur (being imprisoned in a labyrinth on Crete) is one of the oldest written stories giving a visual sense of the labyrinth as an architectural creation.
This art piece”Myth and architecture” plays with this particular story and drama in the Greek mythology. With simple methods this work examines how a labyrinth may be designed for this particular environment. All characteristic paths leading to the middle of a labyrinth has been reduced and remaining is only the outer circular form made by smaller stones as well as nine boulders in the entrance area. These nine larger stones can be seen as “focal points” in constructing this type of labyrinths. This art piece is meant to be experienced as a “draft” of how this environment may connect to a mythological idea. SIZE: 12m. In diameter