Nature Art Symposium 2016

Trabant6 kopia  Version 3  Trabant 4 kopia           Trabant 5 kopia          DSC_0203 kopia

Place: DUPPINI Art Group, Gabrovtsi, Bulgaria. Material: Trabant (car), willow, shoes and 2 pair of ski. Category: Nature art Installation. Titel: Luggage for a daydreamerLuggage for a daydreamer is about human conditions and a tendency to escape from reality. Mind sometimes create a longing and desires to be some place else. And perhaps we think not so much of what we have in our luggage as we move on in to a future with mind-blowing promises. So were would such a luggage lead us?

Following two art pieces have no titles, they are made during a Nature art symposium were artists exchange ideas, act and create in experimental ways as well as producing art.

lind2 kopia Model is visual artist Xiao Li from Japan.                                                                                              This “carpet” is made out of linden seeds separated by shape and colour in to three different areas. Size is 4×4 meter. It is a very fragile piece and comes from only one Linden tree close by.  DSC_0319 kopia

The “Linden carpet” will be gone next day – like a dream fades away in the morning.

Below image is from a piece made during a play with stones along the riverbank. It is based on the idea to separate the circular shaped green grass and somehow give the growing grass another visual meaning. The size is 11 meters.grascirkel1jpg kopia