Outlook 1 and 2, 2014

Part 1 Outlook1. 2014. 06 18 JPG      Part 2  nas

Place: Sweden. Material: Color, wood, sand, and plastic cover on old boat house. Category: Street art and nature art installation. Concept: Outlook is about having different perspectives when you experience a place or an environment. In Part 1 we were focusing on the artist’s process and if it could to be heard and captured on a site.  To give a face to experimental needs and emotions, which are connected to our own experiences. Here is the site somewhat difficult to get access to and as a visitor you need to move around in circles and spirals to discover various details. To get an overall picture seems impossible and seems to slip away, but when you take a new step your gaze opens a new perspective and it´s there for a short instant. In Part 2, we wanted to show the opposite perspective to the first, and make something were you s a visitor discover the sites overview directly. And where what you see is very real in the sense that it is art undoubtedly altered to walls covered with plastic. Here we know that what we see is the wrapped house with spray art on top, a sight that can’t be missed on long distance!