Signs and matter I and II 2003


Place: Sweden. Material: Paper, bark and trees. Category: Nature art installation. Size: 2 X 8 m. Concept: These trees have once been marked with white paint by woodworkers, a sign which clarifies that the trees were chosen to grow and not to be cut down. Trees can be used as a resource for producing paper and we call this work of matter for a process.

When artists create they are also involved in a process and I was looking for an expression that would bring these two ways of transforming matter together…
Like in “Signs and Matter 2002”, starting point was how we make use of different materials from the nature and this process may be very different from each other, but still considered as a process. In “Feja 2003”, I chose to work with fallen trees. Fallen trees are often collected and piled close to a road. They are collected in this way, and might soon be transported to factories, processed to a new shape, like paper!
Process and material: I started to look for a material that somehow had a history of a process and thus made use of catalogued posters in museums. Posters that once have been designed by famous artists and designers for their own exhibition.
By valuing these posters as a “resource for producing“(as we use trees) this posters could be used and were recycled to a new art form. All paper is handmade and formed from bark on trees.