Stone poem 2010


Place: Sweden. Material: Stone, turft, sand grass. Category: Nature art installation. Concept: This project was made along a pilgrim route. It was a commissioned project for regional development by Västra Götaland in Skara municipality, Sweden. The aim of the project was to bring new cultural experiences into tourism for the region. And specifically for those who visit pilgrim sites or walk along pilgrim routes. 

The project was also designed as a pedagogical program, where scholars were participating in the design process of an art work made along the pilgrim track. The pedagogical methods were based on previous experiences in teaching Land art, but also a development of new methods together with a pedagogue, specialized in tourism and a pilgrim museum in the local area. Together we worked out a scholar program mixed with pilgrim activities such as guided pilgrim walks, workshops in Land art and a design process for an art work. This project was also reaching out for a collaboration with local groups connected to pilgrim activities, such as consultants in starting a small similar cultural project involving other artists, actors etc.