Beast´n Beat Bop (GNAP SA)

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                 bb6                mariegayatri3             Beast´n Beat box(10)mariegayatri incooperationwith ImkeRust West Coast National Park kopia

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Place: Langerbann, West Coast National Park – Western Cape and De Hoop National Park, Cape Horn South Africa 2016. Material: Rubbing stone from wild animals, bones and remains from wild animals, wall, plants, body paint and human models. In this serie body is being investigated as a beat, a rhythm (in cooperation with Imke Rust and Patrik Tagoe Turkson). Category: Performed Nature Art Photography. Title: Beast ́n Beat Bop.

Inspired by Stories of Rain (Overall theme for GNAP SA). Water is crucial to our survival and in former times various tribes in South Africa used to believe in Rain Animals. As the stories goes on there were two variations of rain: SheRain and HeRain, when the HeRain was on it ́s way, you had to take shelter and hide from thunder, wind and the forceful rain, washing away everything that came in it ́s way. She Rain on contrary was smooth and soft and fertilised the soil. Today we live far away from these stories as well as the need of take shelter from drops of rainfall.These photos is about Rain stories and made at a site were stones has been robed smoothly by wild animals, were grass has a smell of animal fur and were bones long forgotten speaks of impermanence.

All together the images also tells another story about strength and power to break through despite of hard circumstances –  somehow some of us finds a way to bloom.