Booking and Prices

Tiny house, rooms in the main house and Wildlife camping 2024

Booking procedures for all options follows same procedures and is to be made by email or what´s up; or 0046(0)766363692. International guests make their payment using Pay Pal or bank transfer (further instruction will be sent as you reach out for booking) pre-booking means that you pay half of the amount within 10 days. 4 days before arrival, you pay the rest of your rental cost. It is appreciated if you send a message after you made the payments.  As you reach out for booking, info on cancellation and check in/out will be sent to you. Would you like to be served meals or breakfast during your stay, please ask for the menu to be sent (menu is based on local ideas, vegetarian cooking with a continental twist).  Then let us know if you have in mind to use this service during your stay – thank you. You can also book rooms in the main house at Stugnet or AIRBNB.

Tiny house

The Tiny house has a sleeping-loft designed for two persons. It is a space for simple living, and comes down to everything, like how your mind moves and appreciate things, to how you act and experience time. You have access to an open meadow right outside, that leads you to a lake 300 meters away with a private jetty.  Inside the house there is a basic cooking facility, no running water, and a dry toilet. Augusta garden is 200 meters away, where you can order food or eat. Occasionally you may also use the bathroom in the main house. Tiny house for rental is only August 2024.  

One week 8000 SEK (bed sheets not included)

Rooms at the main house

There is one specious room on the second floor provides you with a double bed where you have a full view over the lake and the farm. And another small room with one bed facing the lake. You may use the kitchen for making tea or coffee, as well as the living-room on the bottom floor. There is a simple bathroom and shower and you are welcome to use outdoor space by the lake, with a beautiful stone garden and ongoing Land art projects. Your host lives in the main house and you will share space outside your room with Marie Gayatri.  The main house is carefully restored in an original Swedish farmer style (Almoge style) where cultural heritage meets new artistic expressions. 

Prices: 1200 SEK /night dubble room (bed sheets not included). 800 SEK/ night single room. Both rooms is 1450 SEK/night. For more info before arrival make a contact with your host. 

Wildlife camping

The location for the wildlife camping is close to a central trail (Höglandsleden) and a perfect place to take a break a day or two. The tent site is a lake spot with your own jetty by the lake. The price includes a four-bed tent with a large forecourt and access to an outdoor toilet. Making fire or cooking with gas is prohibited, but you can bye catering food at Augustagarden (370 m. from the site). Please let us know if you would like this service and we send you detailed menu. You are welcome to fill your water reserve as you continue your journey by foot. If you’d like to use your own tent at the site, you can do this for 200SEK/night maximum 3 nights.

Prices: Minimum 2 nights (600 SEK). One week: 1300 SEK. (After two nights you pay 240 SEK/nights till you reached 7 nights/one week and price 1300SEK)