A stay at this farmland invites you to dive in to experiences somewhat “outside the box” when it comes to holiday or stay overs. In playful and relaxed ways, you can chose creative and artistic activities, or simply soak in the atmosphere of this inspirational place where Art, Nature and Cultural Heritage is the core of everything.

Workshops with Nature as your artistic collaborator

This is the moment for you to step out of your comfort zone and listen to these surroundings with deep forest, meadows, fresh air and much more to be discovered. Here you will have 50 acres of playground for your creativity. Participate in a workshop starting with an introduction from the Land artist Marie Gayatri. An introduction that provides you with examples of historical Land Art projects and practical circumstances for your workshop.  Together you decide how much support you need during your creative process. The workshop will end with feedback and documentation together with Marie Gayatri. Workshops can only be booked on a weekend. A workshop for adults may last minimum 4 hours and maximum two days. 

Prices for adults

One day: 500 SEK/max 2 persons. Two days: 800 SEK/max 2 person. Additional materials are not included in the price. Workshops can be made for adults with children as well and needs to be booked in advance.

Workshop prices for adults with children

Max 2 – 4 hours:  80 SEK/child and 120 SEK/adult. Workshops will only be made at a specific site with some additional materials. For more information contact Marie Gayatri (0046766363692)

Group visits with focus on Cultural Heritage

This village has a long history and Augustagarden is the oldest farm, yet full of surprises in an interesting mix between new lifestyle and old cultural heritage. Marie Gayatri will guide you with old barns (dated from 1600 century), a museum with a collection of farmer tools made on the farm (18 century) also with a complementary photo exhibition. By the lake you may follow and a contemporary Land art project. If you’d like to know more about Land Art during your group visit, Marie Gayatri can provide you with a lecture or a simple introduction.

Open from March – November and only weekends

Price for maximum 10 person (3 hours and indoors):  3000 SEK

Prices for maximum 30 persons (3 hours and outdoors): 5000 SEKLecture 

Following gallery shows Land Art project and photo sessions with Marie Gayatri