Come closer 2015


zo icon            Place: Näs, Ingatorp, Småland, Sweden. Material: Three large scaled zoom icon on a field covered with snow. Category: Nature Art installation. We use a symbol and zooms in, a click of a finger and a new image appears on the computer screen, what we are seeing for, now describes as an area we have chosen to look at. But we are mistaken – the photos are no longer images of areas we know and once discovered or tilled, today is the images we encounter graphic signs and tools in a communication stream. The zoom tool we use via computer is a good example of such image flows. As with any image interpretation we have to consider if we interpret what we see together with the context it appears in. Are we? Can we keep up with the rapid change, the quantity of images we’re exposed to? In reality, a place of great value; like this field that has a value for me, since it belongs to my ancestors. To see land and places, I think it requires other means – other pictures. Do not forget to keep on finding these images of importance!

The development also means that more and more things have to happen through the computer, it almost seems like most things must pass through a digital screen to get a value, legitimacy. The practical computer, like being able to keep communication and make it easily accessible to many, has quickly turned into an instrument, a power that sets the rules, everything else is left out.