Battlefield 2018


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Category: Art Installation. Material: House, painted stones and strings. Place: Rorkers Drift located in KZN, South Africa. Concept: This artwork is an attempt to correspond visually with the Zulu memorial grave by making an art installation inside one abounded house built in a traditional zulu style (called rondavell) very close to the gravel monument. The design of the memorial site, were the ground is covered with white painted stones, made me think that maybe all these stones were supposed to represent the loss of soldier´s life that was lost on the battlefield 1879. Imagining that theses memorial stones once and for all could be releases from old memories and suffering, brought the idea of placing many white painted stones in a flying/hanging position inside the rondavell. Title: Final journey of a battlefield. A silent wish that human life after death may become part of all stars peacefully blending with an infinite universe.