Space and place to make your own thing

At augustagarden you have the ability to also be creative on your own. Sometimes if you wish with guidance from Marie Gayatri. These examples was made by artis David Hernandez and art/design students from Spain during summer 2023.

Cultural gardening

This year the tubes came really well as well herbs and potatoes. The idea is to expand the garden ans replant herbs and plant that has been used on this fram in earlier days. Next year there will be tobacco, flax and expanding with more…

2023 – guest collaboration – Roots

ROOTS A collaboration with artist David Hernandez from Costa Rica, made at my farm AUGUSTAGAREN and is about our roots inspired by indigenous heritage all over the world.

2022 Old style Land art

Landscaping large meadows, using a tractor and a cutting machine. A test for coming projects in year 2013. You are welcome to join in. Interested?

2022 Roots No.1 and 2

Roots No. 1 and 2 was made to thread light on our lack of long-term decisions that take several generations into account. Roots from a tree symbolize generation before and historical perspectives. Model postures and costumes is a play with the root systems and what…

2022 What!!!

Category: Performed Nature Art Photography. Site: at Näs Ingatorp in Sweden. Model: Marie Gayatri. Waiting, waiting for…..a crash to come? Or someone to give us a simple direction how to solve the mess we’ve made? Looking down, somewhere there must be solutions for coming generations…