About Marie Gayatri

Marie Gayatri (Ekedahl) has been a rental host for Augustagarden since 2009 and has been hosting guests, mainly from Europe. During the pandemic period and a few years after the farm has been closed for rental, and will now reopen with a range of new possibilities. Marie Gayatri is a Land artist and an Art teacher, as well as a lot of travel experiences and knows how to be a welcoming host for travelers. At Augustagarden, you will know how an authentic connection makes your journey special and memorable. 

As a Land artist Marie Gayatri has been engaged with many International projects. The Photo Gallery shows images from her last 7 years. For those of you who are interested, there is an Art CV further down.

Front image made by photographer Bruno Gasi  

Artist presentation: Marie Gayatri has been working with Landart since the 90s. She is based in Sweden but works world wide. In a statement she explains her approach to her art works like this: “When approaching a new project I always reflect on the question – how do we relate to nature and what does Nature mean to us? The narrative is about thoughts and feelings we have developed around the topic “Nature”.

In many years I´v focused on alternative ways to expose Land art outside galleries or art institutions. The part I play as an author, speaker, teacher, inspirer or activist becomes part of serving one goal – dedicated to spread knowledge about this way of making and experiencing Land art. I believe that human conditions for survival are depending on how we relate to the environment and I use art as a medium to evoke questions and impulses to reflect on this.”


Education: 2013 Art teacher, University of Gothenburg. 2010 MA Visual Didatics. LinCS, Researcher group; University of Gothenburg. 1990 MA Applied Arts & Design, University of Gothenburg. Area of Specialization: Jewley.

Selected Solo Projects outside Sweden: 2017 Healing Our Stories South Africa. 2017 Full moon at the beach in South Africa. 2016 Dollar for a ride in Cambodia. 2015 Dried Oasis in Cape Verde.2014 Island V in Italy.2010 White Scripture on Black vertical lines in Mongolia. 2010 Large scaled Shagai in Mongolia. 2009 Challenging fear + Icon giving birth in Spain. 2008 Intermezzo in South Korea. 2007 Messenger in Argentina. 2006 Choice no 3 in Sahara/Tunisia. 2006 Myth and Architecture in Greece. 2002 Almost Perfect in Greece.1990 Eye Zero in Norway. 1998 Frames in the Nature in Denmark.1998-97 Ritual walks in Scandinavia.

Selected Solo Projects in Sweden: 2014 Brush tattoo. 2013 Soil Spear. 2012 Shangri La VIII. 2011 The classroom. 2010 Stone poem. 2006 Breathing Space. 2004 Sliding doors to the civilization. 2004 Landing. 2003 Signs and Matter no 2. 2003 Runic inscription. 2002 Signs and Matter no 1. 2002  End of the road. 2002 Calligraphy. 2001 About beauty no 2. 2001 About beauty no 1. 2001 Land jewlery. 2001 Truth.

Selected Group Projects and Residence programs outside Sweden: 2022 Dac´Art Off in Dakar -Senegal. Alliance Francaise in banjul – Gambia, 2018. ELC – Art center Rocks Drift, South Africa 2018. Tsukuba Art Recidence, Japan 2017. Green gamp Art Gallery, Durban, South Africa 2017.  Stories of Rain GNAP South Africa 2016. Dupinin -Bulgaria – Nature Art Symposium 2015. 2013 Arts in Residence by Yatoo-i project, South Korea. 2006-2004 Nature Art Encounters in Greece – Art o Nivo: Belgium.

Selected exhibitions outside Sweden: Pansi Museum 2018, Cape Town 20167th Internationale Waldkunst, Darmstadt, Germany, 2014 Woman Art Ritual Mother, Primo Piano Livingallery, Lecce Italy. 2013 “International Nature Art Exhibition by Invited Artists” Yatoo-i project, South Korea. 2012  2:nd YATOO international project Nature Art Exhibition in Rumania. 2012 2:nd YATOO international project Nature Art Exhibition in Rumania. 2012  -2011 Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Yatoo-i project, South Korea. 2010 Artcamp 2010 Gallery Xanadur, Ulaan Baatur, Mongolia. 2007 Plato’s city magnesia 2 brugs and roselare, Belgium. 2007 Video Choice no 3  Detroit Film festival U.S.A. 2007 Video Choice no 3  After Urban, New York. 2007 Video Choice no 3  After Urban, Italy. 2007 Video Choice no 3  L.A.N. (network) Great Britain. Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale, South Korea. 2006-05 Plato’s city magnesia 1 Belgium.

Selected exhibitions in Sweden: Höglandets konstrunda 23 -2021. Works of Art, Eksjö museum 2020. Norsesunds konst och kulturvandring 2018. KALV musikfestival – sound/landart project 2017.Kulturnatta 2016. Arkivmuseet in Gothenburg 2015. VISIT 2015 and 2014- Mariannelund. 2011 Tillt, Gothenburg. 2009 Gallery PS, Gothenburg. 2004 Galleri Fågelberg Gothenburg. 2003 Lerverk Gothenburg.

Seminars: NEARCH (New ways of Engaging audience, Activating social and Renewing provess in Cultural heritage) – Santiago de Campostila, Spain 2017. In between practices in Kristiansand Norway 2016. Nature art symposium Bulgaria 2016.2015 WEEC ( World Environmental Education Congress) in Gothenburg, 2015 NEARCH (New ways of Engaging audiences, Activating societal and Renewing processes in Cultural Heritage)-University of Gothenburg, 2013 International Nature Art Curators Conference at Gongju, South Korea.  2011 “Outdoors is Indoor”, Scandinavian outdoor education congress in Malmö. 2009 Lectures and seminar for teacher in gradual school financed by Kultur i Väst. 2009  “Outdoors is Indoor”, Scandinavian outdoor education congress in Norrköping. 2008 Lectures and seminar for garden designer for “Park och Natur” in Gothenbourg. 2008 Lectures and seminar for artists in Kristiansand, Norway. 2007 Lectures and seminar for artists finances by Kultur i Väst. 2006  Scientific project on architecture and Land art financed by Gothenburg University. 2006  Lectures and seminar for artist students at Vasteras University. 2004 Lectures and seminar for artists financed by Region Halland.

Publications: GNAB Nature Art Catalouge 2016 – YATOO, South Korea.2010 Art pedagogy in schools, Dep. of Didactic Science, University of Stockholm.  2008 Ancient places and cultural heritage, Dep. of Archaeology, University of Gothenburg. 2007 Art in the landscape, report for Swedish national heritage board. 2006 Multicultural meetings, Dep. of Archaeology, financed by University of Gothenburg.

Professional Affiliations: KRO (Swedish National Art Organization), Korean Nature Artists’ Association-YATOO, Environmental Art education network