Book for sale – Locating Art Out of Doors

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LOCATING ART OUT OF DOORS – A HANDBOOK FOR EDUCATORS  is written for teachers, regardless of subject, but with a common ground for sustainable learning in education. Here being taught in outdoor environment by using creativity and arts. You are introduced step by step how to make one of your own. The book is rich in photographs, all showing examples and provide a clear picture of that anyone can use, and that even small measures can succeed quite well. Here are packing lists, suggestions for routines, advice in creative guidance and a simple introduction to what the established art in nature is about. A very supportively written text – makes you want to get started!  (Book covers 73 pages).

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Educator and Sustainable teaching

For more than 20 years Marie Gayatri used to work with educational programs inspired by Art in Nature. From 2019, Marie Gayatri (Ekedahl) runs the property and invites people to come and spend time here to learn from her experiences as a Land Artist. As well as geting a deeper understanding how it is to live from the land and preserve cultural heritage. The Photo Gallery shows volunteers in action from different pars of the world to her farm. The volunteering was arranged with