Bridging X 2017


xdaizako kopia         xAzuma small      xdaizako kopia


xmellanbw         xstorbw        xmini bw

Category: Nature art. Material: Found natural materials (straw from different grass) Place: Japanese gardens and a mountain bridge – 40×40 cm – 3×8 m. Location: Japan Tsukuba and Tsukunba Internationall Art Residency. Title: Bridging an X

This three photos were staged at Tsukuba mountain area in Japan. In japans body language crossing arms as the upper tree images shows, menas losed, no, stop. Bridges is usually design for making it easier to pass and often used symbolically to describe a willingness to make it easier for us to meet. These images may match well together graphically, but the narratives gives us a contradicted message.