2021 Performed Nature Art Photography – ongoing project

_DSF2101 (kopia)

Performed with Patrick Tagoe-Turkson 2016

As a land artist, I have for 20 years carried out projects in a number of different countries with different habitat types. The works have seldom been grandiose because I always wanted to do something where my own body set the limit for what is possible to create. And I have enjoyed taking inspiration from the culture I was surrounded by. I have often fantasised that those remote Landart works I made, would be encountered by someone. How would that look like? Throughout the year I have tried to figure how such encounters could be seen as an Art expression in its own right. At this website, you will se a trace of these experimantal photographic expressions. now moving in to a more permanent state in the way I express Art interacting with Natural surroundings.

Performed Nature Art Photography highlights the interaction between human beings and environmental interactions of some kind. These kind of photography captures a psychological process in a person as they are asked to interacts with a place or an environment that alos is slightly arranged for these kind of photo sessions. I call this artistic process to investigating environmental body identification and they are mainly done Out of Doors.These art images can been seen as guidelines, with a content that will arouse a desire to discover and open up a window inside those who are in tune for it to happen.  To enable a dialogue with what we call Nature – meaning the Creation. A gift and gesture from my side – with shared creativity, with the hope that it will trigger powerful sparks in us to move deeper within. So that we actively work for the planet Earth to maintain a diversity of natural resources for future generations.