A sense of CONTINUUM 2017

500 -1700 spices are NOW being extinced from planet Earth every year – it´s called raising extinction.

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We are facing a world where changes have become a challenge everyone has to cope with as we now have to stop a very complex environmental destruction. Unfortunately, we cannot say that time is on our side. It is rather the contrary, time is not on our side, and yet, in an ceaselessly changing world we have to learn to see time in a new way – to get a sense of continuum when everything is moving very fast. We need to grasp the rhythms of living beings rather than keeping time and deadlines in place – and art gives us a very good capacity to explore and experience these dimensions in societies and life. Because in all changes there is also a sense of continuum, a rhythm or a beat that makes things come alive, if we can tap into that sense – we may still stay strong within these large scaled changes on our planet Earth.

The project – A sense of CONTINUUM – Art, Humans and Environmental CHANGES concentrates on investigating selected areas that for various reasons are considered more valuable than others. This project is concentrating on sites such as UNESCO World Heritage sites (or similar environmental restricted areas). With artistic activities, educational and artistic research methods we reflect, debate and document how environmental transitions takes place in these areas as well what kind of methods are being used to do so. This project also aims to examine how aesthetic values may be matched, identified and used in relation to how these areas are being protected or destroyed to various degrees. A sense of CONTINUUM cooperates with companies, organizations and networks, all involved in environmental engagements. Through dialogue, interviews, activist participation, social media, educational activities and events –shared knowledge, art and creativity is exchanged in different modes.The project strives to use art and its research process as a recourse and platform to gathering around topics of conflict, criticism or corporate needs of different kinds.

At this point two papers on World and National Heritages, has been written to give a sense of what the project will focus on – read them here

South Africa and Kambodia – 2016 Continuum Eng. (2meg)

World Heritage Santiago de Campostela in Spain  Santiago -dold eng


All 5 images with number 500 was made of natural materials in Sweden during late autumn 2016.