Traveling sketches during (GNAP SA)

_DSF2004 1 kopia   xx2 kopia   mg1jpg kopia  _DSF2013

rythm small   _DSF8930   SR4  _DSF2138

_DSF8738 kopia   _DSF2015 aakopia  w1   ww6

During a three weeks period GNAP SA 2016 I travled all over South Africa to meet up with the community around Site Specific_landart, as well as connecting with new networks. It ment a constant adoption to new situations were invited artists made smaller Artworks along the travel route. Here is some of the results from my own collection. I call them “Travel sketches” because they are made in a timespan being on the road and are not built on a fixed concept, a site or a landscape in the way I use to work.